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40K League information and rules!

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This will be an 8 week league (including alternating Hobby nights) and will start on May 10th at 6pm.


$40 + GST per participant

40k league rules
Army Composition:
At the start of the league each player will start out with 25 power level. Of which all armies must be battle forged as outlined in the Warhammer 40k 8th edition rule book with a minimum of 1 HQ and 1 Troop.

An army can be comprised of models and or units from any Games Workshop Codex, Index, and or Forge World Index. As long as they meet the minimum outlined above and the restrictions outlined in the data slate .

A player participating in this league is required to maintain a Army list and is required to have it on its person during gameplay.


Each week of the league, players may expand their army by 15 power starting at 25 to a maximum of 85 power  by week 5.

Example; it is week two of the league and Player A can add up to 15 power to their existing army for a total of 40 power for the week.

When a player selects a unit for their army, they must use the minimum number of models outlined on the data slate to count. If the player wishes to expand the size of the unit past the minimum number of models outlined. The player will use any unallocated power to increase the size of the unit.

Once a week a player may opt to replace up to two of their existing units for a new unit up to number of units they replaced.
Any questions or concerns can be brought up with Minion A.

Missions: Both players can determine their mission chosen from either the 8th Edition Main Rulebook, Chapter Approved, or the Open War Deck.


Basic Rules of play

  1. .  All models must be made of 100% GW product and must resemble what it is supposed to be in the game.  Additions that are not GW product for flare are allowed.
  2. Conversions are allowed and highly encouraged.  Would it become questionable on it resembling the original model can be approved by Minion A before being converted. 
  3. Model resembling is important.  Tactical marines cannot be converted to terminators, it resembles the old model far too much.  Bases sizes must be accurate.  Old terminators must be rebased onto the current ones, old Greater Daemons that once came on square bases must be rebased to the appropriate sized round ones.
  4. Pre-measuring is allowed.  Chess rule is in play, once you pick up a model it is been considered moved.  If you are unsure of whether you want to move a model, do not touch it till you are sure.
  5. It is polite play to announce moving into a new phase.  If you accidentally skip ahead sportsmanship matters and ask the other player if it is ok to go back.  It will be the other player’s discretion to allow you to back up.  If they say no, too bad.
  6. Mission selection is done per the 8th edition rulebook.  If both players agree on a certain mission or to exclude certain missions before rolling that is acceptable.
  7. No terrain is to be setup prior to one player’s arrival.  All terrain is setup per the 8th edition rulebook.
  8. Should a mission card be unachievable, i.e. destroy a flyer and the opponent has none (fliers in reserves still count as having fliers), the player may immediately replace it.  Hard to achieve missions, i.e. capture objective 6 and it is on the other side of the board, do not qualify for replacement and may be discarded.  If the mission does not allow for discard and replacement, the active player may discard 1 mission card of their choice and replace it at the end of their turn 1 time a turn.
  9. You may not have 2 of the same mission in play at a time. i.e. if you have 2 capture objectives 4 cards that player may discard 1 of them of your choice and immediately replace it.
  10. All missions cards are visible to both players unless the mission or mission card state otherwise, for example, Dark Angels have covert missions that remain a secret until achieved.  Should a secret mission card have a turn timer on it, dice are to be used to mark what turn the mission card was drawn on.  Those dice are visible to all players and should be on top of the upside-down mission card.

Escalations (Cont..)

Week “1” - (25 PL).  Game is played on a 4x4 board.  One detachment maximum.  No formations.  You may use CAD from the 8th edition rulebook or a detachment from your Codex.  Should you be required to take a formation as part of your detachment you may not use any of the special benefits from that formation at this level.  You may use all the benefits provided for the detachment.  No fliers.  Only 1 model may have a 2+ armor save.  No 3+ Invuln saves. No special characters. No vehicle armor above 12 (including vehicle equipment that allows for it to count as above 12).  No Lords of War.  No Super Heavies.  No fortifications.
Week “2” - (40 PL).  Game may be played on a 4x4 or 4x6 board, decide between both players, roll a die if you do not agree.  Do this before selecting the mission.  One detachment maximum.  Formations are allowed.  You may use any detachment that may legally be selected for your primary army including those from campaign books.  2+armour/cover, 3+invul saves allowed.  No fliers.  No vehicle armor restrictions.  Lords of War allowed.  Special characters allowed.  No Super Heavies or Gargantuan.
Week “3” - (55 PL).  4x6 board mandatory.  Two detachments maximum.  Formations may be used as a detachment.  Super Heavies or Gargantuan allowed.  Fliers are allowed. 
Week “4” - (70 PL).  3 detachments maximum.  No restrictions.


  1. Pairings will be ELO Standings .  Pairings matrix will be laid out in full before league start.  You will be required to report all results for an escalation by one week after the end of it.  4 games in 4 weeks.
  2. Divisions will be broken down based on last league standings and new players will be evenly spread out.
  3. Lists must be submitted to the store prior to your first game per the escalation. 
  4. Finals will be played with the same list as used in the last escalation unless a new codex drops.
  5. 3 points per win, 2 per draw, 1 per loss.

Hobby Weeks
Every other week after the battle week will be a designated hobby week. You can come in sit down to paint and build to your heart's content. With the help of Minion A you can ask any questions on the standings painting techniques or just about any general questions you may have.


  1. 100% of all entrance fees (before tax) and 10 % of GW sales (before tax) starting a few weeks before, and continuing through the total 8 weeks, by players in the league will be used for the prize pool. 
  2. Prizes will be for top 4 as well as players who win the voting for: favorite opponent, best painted model, best painted army, most improved player, best new player to our leagues, and more if we have a larger player base.

(if a player is the top vote for a category as well as in the top 4 that player will only receive 1 winning)

  1. Andrew will be judging the painting contest and will be asking some of the other painters he knows to come in and look at all the offerings!

There will also be a Prize draw for a brand new 25 (Power Level) Cult Mechanicus Army (comes with data cards and Codex)
Everyone will put their names into the draw and we will pick a winner on the last day of the league. Minion A will be fully painting the army and you can come in and check out the progress of the paint job during the hobby weeks where Minion A will be painting the army.

House Rules/FAQs/Rulings made in prior leagues

  1. Any model that has a special rule such as Rending, Precision Shot, etc. only applies to weapons on their profile.  It will not apply when firing the weapons from a fortification, vehicle, or anything it did not come with unless there is a special rule contradicting this.  If the rule applies to the unit, the model is in it applies to the dedicated transport the unit has assigned to it.
  2. Dedicated transports are considered part of their parent unit.
  3. Super Heavy, Gargantuan and all other models firing multiple weapons with split fire.  All weapon targets are decided prior to rolling dice. In other words, you choose who is getting shot by what weapons and then resolve each weapon one at a time.  If you dedicate two weapons to one unit and the first one finishes the unit off you may not select a new target for the second weapon.
  4. Deny the witch on blessings.  When rolling to deny the witch you are always selecting someone to be making the roll.  Should one of your units not be targeted you must roll 6s to deny.  However, any rules that are specific to the model rolling the Deny the Witch may apply.  In other words, a Grey Knights unit with The Aegis special rule can still reroll 1s.
  5. ITC has voted on not allowing for the new Tau Codex to combined fire add abilities using the Coordinated Firepower ability .  We will not be using this rule and it will be run as written in the codex.
  6. Any Dark Angels character on a bike or jetbike gains the Ravenwing special rule.


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