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Our MTG League Rules!

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The next set in Magic the Gathering has it's prerelease on September 23rd-24th. Join us for 5 sessions of 3 round SEALED action! Win 1 round and you receive 2 packs of XLN!

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Magic: The Gathering Pauper League!

Cost: $40 + GST Up front

Paper" Pauper league! Any card that has been printed as a common (only in physical card form. If you're playing the uncommon/rare/mythic version that's fine - just as long as it's been printed as a physical common - Common/Uncommon promo cards are only legal if the card meets that qualification) - this means all common cards printed in an online set only will not be eligible to be played in our pauper league.

We need a minimum of 6 players for league to fire. There will be no 'banned list' except for Un-cards (cards that have only been printed as a common in any UN set will not be legal to play - plus they must have been printed in a physical set - no online common only cards allowed), and please be aware that we will have in effect the 'don't be a dick' rule. What is this? If the deck isn't meant to reach one or more of the achievments, or isnt fun to play against, don't bring it. If it has infinite combo 'turn 3'* don't bring it. We are trying to make this casual. If you're hesitant on if your deck follows the 'don't be a dick' rule, we suggest you bring a second deck just in case.

Date: Starts October 7th to November 25th

Cost: $40 + GST

How it Works: You may bring any legal pauper deck (following the rules above), and play each week. There is a one time league entry of $40 + GST. For each person entered into the event, there will be 9 standard packs entered into the prize pool. Each week a player attends, they will receive one $5 booster (of their choice) for attending. (This will be taken out of the prize pool).

IE) We have 8 players. (8*9=72 packs) out of those 8 players, 6 make it for all 8 weeks (6*8=48). The other Two only make it for two weeks each (2*2=4) At the end of Week 4, there will be a total of 20 packs remaining to be split amongst top players (48+4=52, 72-52=20) You may have a different deck each week - as long as it's legal. Each week there will be a 'tournament' held. There will be no additional prizing involved. You will be playing for point values. How you ask? Each week we will have a 3 round tournament (in the case that less than 4 people show up for any week except the first, it will be a 1-2 round tournament). Each week you attend, you will receive 3 points. Then during your rounds, you will strive to accomplish achievements - each achievment attained will gain you 1 point!

You do NOT have to play the same deck each week of the league. You MUST play with the same deck during each match of that league day. Sideboarding rules still apply - it must go back to the way it was constructed when you first started playing with it that day.

Top number of players will depend on the number of players paid in the league.



  1. Anywhere, anytime – Cast a non-instant card on an opponents turn
  2. Attention – Deal 6 or more damage to yourself in 1 turn. (A player cannot get both Attention and Intention in the same turn. Life loss does not count as damage)
  3. Are you even trying? – Win the game with 20 or more life.
  4. BAFFROOM! – Activate Level Up on a creature enough times to make it its strongest version (aka its 3rd line of levels.)
  5. Blackjack – Control two creatures whose total power is exactly 21.
  6. Brain Dead - Have fewer than ten cards in your library at any point in a game.
  7. Bringer of the White Dawn – Win a game with a mono-white deck (no ‘splashes’ allowed*)
  8. Bringer of the Blue Dawn – Win a game with a mono-blue deck (no ‘splashes’ allowed*)
  9. Bringer of the Red Dawn – Win a game with a mono-red deck (no ‘splashes’ allowed*)
  10. Bringer of the Green Dawn – Win a game with a mono-green deck (no ‘splashes’ allowed*)
  11. Bringer of the Black Dawn – Win a game with a mono-black deck (no ‘splashes’ allowed*)
  12. Burn it down! – Wipe the entire creature board with a spell or ability that deals damage, or give negatives until end of turn.
  13. Copycat – Copy a spell or permanent of an opponent.
  14. Danger Zone – Win one game against an opponent while your life is less than 5.
  15. Die Already, please – Survive after being attacked for lethal damage 3 different times in a single match.
  16. Diversify - it could be a thing - Control a permanent of each type available in the pauper format. (artifact, creature, enchantment, land)
  17. First Blood – First player to cause an opponent's life total to decrease.
  18. Flow of Ideas – Control 2 or more permanents with chainable names. Example: Ice Cage -> Cage of Hands. An additional point is awarded for each additional card that makes the chain.
  19. Full Grip – Draw 6 or more cards in one turn.
  20. Good Samaritan – Intentionally cause an opponent to gain 5+ life in one shot.
  21. Generosity – Make your opponent draw 3 or more cards in one turn.
  22. He Who Dies with the Most Toys, Loses – Have the least amount artifacts in play when you die – ties for leaset do not count for this achievement.
  23. How about no? – Counter five or more spells from a single player in one game.
  24. Huge Tracts of Land – Loose a game with the least amount of lands in play. (Conditions that cause other players to win, ie Feladar Soverign, Helix Pinnacle, surrendering, etc do not count for this)
  25. I Got This – Eliminate an opponent during their turn.
  26. I Think You Dropped This – Gain control of a permanent an opponent controls without exchanging permanents.
  27. I’m Out – Loose a match.
  28. Intention – Deal 10 or more damage to yourself in 1 game. (A player cannot get both Attention and Intention in the same game. Life loss does not count as damage)
  29. Iron Man – Equip a creature with 4 or more equipment cards.
  30. It was a Valiant Attempt – End the match in a 1-1-1 draw. This cannot be an intentional draw.
  31. Just Enough – Deal exactly lethal combat damage to a player who is at 7 or more life.
  32. Let’s see how bad this flood really is – Be the first player in a game to control 8 or more lands
  33. Look at the Little Baby – win a game against an opponent by dealing lethal combat damage with a 1/1 creature
  34. Look Ma, No Hand - Be the first player to have no cards in hand in a match.
  35. Lucky 13 – Have a single creature deal exactly 13 points of combat damage to a player in one hit.
  36. Minions' Day Off – Have the least amount of creatures when you lose the game. (ties do not count)
  37. Museum – Control 5 or more non-land, non-creature artifacts.
  38. X marks the spot – Cast a card with x in it’s cmc
  39. Not Quite Enough… – Put an opponent to 1 life, but do not defeat them that turn.
  40. Pimpin’ aint easy (or affordable) – Play with a completely foil deck (including lands and side board)
  41. Resource Management - control 4 or more non-land permanents that can generate mana
  42. Salsa Dancer – Cast the 3rd spell on a single stack. Copies of spells do not count.
  43. Send it back – Eliminate a player with a spell or permanent they own.
  44. Tearing Down the Wall - Kill a creature with 8 or higher toughness with combat damage
  45. That’s cutting it a little close – Win the game with 0 cards left in your library
  46. The Colors Duke, the Colors - Control a permanent of each color. A permanent of more than one color represents only one of the available colors. This point is awarded when the stack is empty.
  47. There can be Only One – Be the last table awaiting a match report in a round. (players must report once done to achieve this – purposely waiting for other matches to report first does not award you this achievement)
  48. Tribal Dance – Control 7 or more non-token creatures of the same creature type.
  49. Tribal Village – Have every creature card in your deck be of the same creature type.
  50. Three’s Not a Crowd – Resolve three different non-land permanents of three different types on the same turn
  51. You’re outta here – Win a match.
  52. Wafer Thin - Kill a player with one point of damage or one point of life loss.
  53. I’ve been bitten! – Be dealt a non-lethal amount of poison damage.
  54. I’m venomous! – Deal a non-lethal amount of poison damage to an opponent.
  55. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Have every land in your deck be a “snow-covered” land.
  56. Heart of the cards – Top deck a card when you really need it
  57. Life Preserver – Have 30 or more life in a single game
  58. We’ll meet again – Have a creature you control be exiled successfully, or successfully exile a creature.
  59. My hand brings all the games to a  close- Win the game with 7+ cards in hand
  60. Massive assault - Deal 20 or more combat damage in a single combat

*In a mono-colored deck where no splashes are allowed: Hybrid cards are allowed as long as there is no way to cast its' other color.

When an achievement talks about 'eliminating' a player or opponent, it means defeating them in a game.



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