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Catalog Yu-Gi-Oh Championship

Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional Qualifier View Larger

Yugioh Regional Qualifier

Price: $25.00
Plus GST (5%): $1.25

Konami Card Game ID number:
Player's legal Name on ID card:

Short Description

Q: What are Regional Qualifiers?
Regional Qualifiers are Tier 2 tournaments in which Duelists compete to earn invites to their World Championship Qualifiers, along with exclusive prizes. Participants in Regional Qualifiers are held to the highest standards of sportsmanship and are expected to be fully prepared for the event.
Q: Where and when are the Regional Qualifiers?
A list of dates and locations for currently scheduled Regional Qualifier events can be found online at New dates will be added to the calendar approximately every 3 months.
Q: What is the attendance capacity for the Regional Qualifier?
We have 100 spots available.
Q: How much does it cost to enter a Regional Qualifier?
The cost of the tournament is $20.00 USD in the United States, and $25.00 CAD in Canada. With your entry fee, you will receive five (5) booster packs of the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME booster set.
Q: What are the prizes for Regional Qualifiers?
In addition to the five (5) booster packs each Duelist receives upon entering the tournament, prize distribution will be as follows:
Top 8 Duelists each receive a WCQ Regional Game Mat.

Top 4 Duelists also receive a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Deck Box.

Invites to the 2018 World Championship Qualifier, depending upon the total registration of the event.
Q: How many Duelists will earn invites at a Regional Qualifier?
Invites to the 2018 World Championship Qualifier tournaments are awarded after the final round of Swiss. Invites are awarded to the first place finisher and extend down to the specified number of places based on attendance.
Number of Invites Awarded
4 – 49, 4 Invites
50 – 99, 8 Invites
100 – 149, 16 Invites

If a Duelist who has already received an invitation to their 2018 World Championship Qualifier earns an additional invitation at a Regional Qualifier, the invite does not pass down. Duelists who already have an invite who earn additional invites are still required to complete an invite form each time they qualify.

Duelists who earn invites will be responsible for completing the 2018 WCQ Invite form on-site at the Regional Qualifier, in order to be placed on the Invite List. Incomplete information could prevent your invite from being verified by KDE, so please ensure that your information is complete, accurate and legible. Part of the requirement to earn an invite is to complete an invite form on-site. Failure to do so may result in an invite not being awarded.
Invites are not mailed out. Duelists who earn an invite will be able to see their name on the World Championship Qualifier invite list within 2-8 weeks after the completion of the event they qualified in.
A list of Duelists who have earned invites to a World Championship Qualifier is posted online. You can find the list here:
A list of Duelists who have earned invites to the Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier is posted online. You can find the list here:
Q: What is the format for Regional Qualifier tournaments?
Regional Qualifier tournaments are Constructed events, which mean each Duelist must bring his or her own Deck in order to compete. Decks must be constructed according to the latest Advanced Format guidelines. (See here for more information:
Regional Qualifiers will be run using Swiss Format, which means all Duelists will play a set number of rounds determined by the number of Duelists enrolled in the tournament. Duelists are not eliminated during the event.
Regional Qualifiers no longer cut to a Top 8 Single-Elimination bracket at the conclusion of the appropriate number of Swiss rounds. Regional Qualifiers will only play Swiss Rounds, with prizes awarded at the end of the final Round of Swiss.
Regional Qualifiers are no longer required to run a Playoff Cut after the final round of Swiss. This change has been implemented to allow the participants to enjoy a full day of Dueling and travel to and from the event at more reasonable hours.
Tournament Organizers may choose to play a Top 8 Single-Elimination Bracket until the finals to declare a winner if they advertise it before the start of the event. These rounds are unsanctioned and must not affect Invites or any prizing provided by KDE.

Q: Will I need to complete and turn in a Deck List?
Yes. All Duelists participating in a Regional Qualifier (and Dragon Duels) must turn in a completed Deck List in order to participate. Please check with the onsite Tournament Organizer for additional information in regards to the Deck List collection process.
Duelists can download the official KDE Deck List at This is an editable PDF, so you will be able to type the card names in this form, which should help as your Deck List needs to be legible and complete – write the name of each card in full, and write down how many copies you have in your Deck.
Make sure your name and CARD GAME ID are on your Deck List.
Make sure your Deck List exactly matches your Deck.
There is a very helpful article on our strategy site that will help you fill out your Deck List properly. Just follow the link here:
Duelists are encouraged to complete their Deck List before arriving at the Tournament by using the downloadable KDE Deck List and typing out all of the necessary information in the editable fields on the form.
Q: What cards are legal for play?
Please check the “Products” page online at for an updated look at the legality dates of Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME product releases, prior to preparing your Deck for the event.
Also check this link for the current legality of all promotional cards
In addition to checking the tournament legality of a product, please check the current Advanced Format Forbidden/Limited list. Certain cards in products with tournament-legal dates can sometimes be excluded from the current format.
Cards that have been altered from their original appearance with surface decoration may be used for play only if the alterations do not obscure any portion of the card text, make the illustration difficult to recognize, or make the card distinguishable from other cards in the Deck while it is face-down.
If a card’s surface decoration renders the card unrecognizable at first glance, then the card is not allowed for tournament play.
The Head Judge of the event has final arbitration on whether or not altered cards may be used at the tournament. Duelists are responsible for determining whether or not their altered cards are acceptable for use before the start of the tournament.
Q: Can I use OCG cards in my Deck?
No. Cards printed for Asian markets are not legal for play in TCG tournaments.
Q: Can I use foreign language cards in my Deck?
You can use foreign-language copies of legal-for-play cards printed for the TCG market, as long as you can show an official translation of the card, kept outside of your Deck and Deck box, when asked to do so by an opponent or tournament official.

Duelists who wish to enter a Regional Qualifier must meet the following criteria
Have a Deck that meets the current Advanced Format criteria.
Have a CARD GAME ID number (obtainable at the event) and be in good standing.
Have read and understood the following documents. These documents can be found at
KDE Official Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Tournament Policy
KDE Official TRADING CARD GAME Tournament Policy
KDE Official Penalty Guidelines
Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Official Rulebook

For additional information please check out Konami's official website:


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