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Weekly Events

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Our Store

Myth Games is your typical "Brick and Mortar" store up in the North East of Calgary. We have lots of room for events, lots of product and a great staff that will help you find what you need.

Community Outreach Program

We love games! We want everyone to play them! Ask us about our Outreach program for your school, community group, or any other non-profit organization! We taylor the event to suit your needs!

Our Minions!

Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the games we carry. From MINIS to Magic the Gathering, Settlers of Catan to WarMachine, our staff can answer your questions (or can at least point you in the right direction)

MTG Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease

The next set of Magic: The Gathering is coming out, and we invite you to join us for one of our 5 Prerelease events!

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Monday nights Myth Games plays host to:

Magic The Gathering: Multiplayer - This is where players come in and play with a Commander deck. Each player starts with 40 life, and there may be no doubles of any cards (excluding basic lands).

To build a deck, you first choose a legendary creature, called a “commander” or “general,” then construct a Singleton deck around it containing exactly 99 other cards. Only cards of the commander’s color(s) and colorless cards may be included in the deck. (Note that split cards and hybrid cards count as all of their colors.) In fact, if a card contains a mana symbol anywhere on it that’s not one of your commander’s colors, you can’t include it in that deck! Within the game, if you would add mana to your mana pool that’s a color not shared by your commander, you get colorless mana instead.

Your commander works differently from other cards in the game. Before the game begins, each player removes his or her commander from the game. You may play your commander from the command zone (no matter how it got there) for its normal costs plus an additional {2} for each previous time it has been played this way. If your commander would go to the graveyard or the exile zone from anywhere, you may put it into the command zone instead. In addition to the normal Magic loss conditions, if a player is dealt 21 points of combat damage from a single commander over the course of the game, that player loses the game!

Dice Master

Dice Masters open play/Tournaments

Come on into the store for some friendly open play games, or for any of our tournaments! Start time is 6pm. Check our calendar for dates and times.

Star Trek Attack Wing

Star Trek Attack Wing Open Play/Tournament

Come on into the store for some friendly open play games, or for any of our tournaments! Start time is 6pm. Check our calendar for dates and times.


Warhammer 40,000 - is a tabletop miniature game produced by Games Workshop, set in a dystopian science-fantasy universe. All other miniaure games are welcome to come and play as well!

Board Game Night

Board Game Night

Alternating weeks come on in and play some board games! If you find that you don't want to play one of our 130 + board games on our Demo/Rental Wall (you can play these in store for free) then bring your own! Just check in store, or on our calendar for dates.


Infinity open play/League Play at 6pm


Adventure Background: Legacy of the Crystal Shard

Winter has come early to Icewind Dale. The people of Ten-Towns are on edge; with food and supplies scarce, each town looks jealously to its own survival. Beyond the walls, wolves and yetis prowl the wilds, and few travelers brave enough to venture there ever return. To the north, the Reghed tribes whisper stories of the Frostmaiden, manifested in the world to punish those who have strayed from her worship. And on the slopes of Kelvin’s Cairn, an old enemy awakens to finish the conquest he started over one hundred years ago.

Legacy of the Crystal Shard is an adventure for low-level characters and can be run either as a stand-alone adventure or as a sequel to Murder in Baldur’s Gate. The adventure allows players to explore the breadth of Faerûn's frozen north and face old foes as well as new threats to the people of Icewind Dale.

Control the most advanced star fighters and outstanding pilots in the galaxy! In X-Wing Miniatures Game, you take the role of squad leader and command a group of merciless Imperial or daring Rebel pilots in furious ship-to-ship space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, X-Wing recreates exciting Star Wars space battles from small engagements of only a couple of crafts, to large conflicts where multiple squadrons clash. Select and equip your ships, pick your crew, plan your attack, and complete your mission.

Guild Ball

Our new event! Guild Ball Weekly matches!

We are completing our 8 week league by Mid August and then taking a small break from League until September.

Keep checking our FB Event Page for updates!



Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar- A tabletop miniature battle. Glue and paint your models, and bring them in for epic battles!


Friday Night Magic - Come on in for some Magic the gathering FNM! Our main formats include Commander, and Booster Draft



Come on in for some friendly games of Warmachine/Hordes

Check our online calendar for Tournaments, events, and League play!


Saturday Paper pauper League - Come on out and enjoy an achievement based league. (starting October 7th to November 25th)

D&D Adventurers league

D&D Adventurers league every 2nd and 4th Saturday each month. Games start at 2pm

X-Wing Monthly Tournaments

The first Friday of each month we host an X-Wing Tournament.

Each tournament will have you create a fleet of 100 points. Entry is $10 + GST (unless we hit 8 or more players, then it is $5 + GST), and 'starts' at 6pm, where dice will be rolling on tables by 6:30.


Yu-Gi-Oh! - Starts at noon, Advanced Standard Format. Please make sure you check the current ban lists for any banned cards.


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